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  • Bandi Chhor ~ Spread The Light
    The Guru taught the kings when they were imprisoned together. By His grace and consciousness, he helped free them. Guru Hargobind touched their lives and impacted each of them in some way.

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  • A Spiritual Relationship with God & My Future Husband
    SatJot Khalsa explores the beautiful relationship with God and her husband and how these two relationships not only co-exist but intertwine and influence one another.

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  • Kaur Careers: Filmmaker
    Today, we’ll take a look at Sikh woman who has turned her hobby of filmmaking into a career! You may have heard about Harpreet Kaur from her films, “We are Sikhs,” “Saz of Gurmat Sangit,” “The Widow Colony,” and “A Little Revolution.”

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  • Sikh Divali: The Harbinger
    When it comes to celebrating popular festivals like Divali or Christmas, the colourful and socially vibrant Sikhs are renowned for outdoing their neighbours. For them, relevance of such festivals to their religion is of little consequence. Divali is one such festival;

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  • 'SEWA' ~ Part I of II
    Bhai Gurdas ji states in above line, if one is not performing 'Sewa' (service), your hands + feet are- Dhrig, Dhrig translated is like having a curse. Also anything else one does is fruitless performing to him.

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