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News about Sikhs and Sikhism

  • What’s On Your Playlist?
    Your thoughts create your reality. What you choose to pay attention to stimulates your thoughts. So what are you listening to? What soundtrack is going on in your mind?

  • HIGH NOON Living Fearlessly to Preserve Life, Love, and Human Dignity
    In this ever-changing world there are timeless principles at work, sometimes beneath the surface, sometimes quite apparent. There are also special creations, enduring pieces of art, that reflect these principles in a way that captures our imagination and turns our attention inward.

  • How To Meditate?
    If you want to meditate, begin with your breath. Slow your breath down. Your eyes have to be closed, otherwise you will be distracted. Sit up tall, and relax your shoulders. Then become aware of your breath. Beging thinking ...

  • The Romance of Gurbani
    The legendary love-birds ‘chakva’ and ‘chakvi’ – are male and female orange-brown ducks. They are known for their love for the sun. In poetic references, when the sun sets, they feel that they have been separated from their partner who might be right next to them.

  • New Indiana PAC to advocate for Sikh community
    In a world divided by sectarian discord, SikhsPAC seeks to promote understanding and cooperation among Americans of all cultures including Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, Buddhist and Hindus within the United States and across the globe.

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