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  • The 7 Steps to Happiness
    Everyone wants to be happy. Many people talk about it. But do you know where true happiness comes from? Guruka Singh explains each of the following steps: commitment, character, dignity, divinity, grace, and power to sacrifice which all lead to inner happiness.

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  • Film Crew to Re-enact Crime
    [VIDEO] Our prayers go out to all involved. The hope for this re-enactment is to help solve the crime. Exposing dark is the job of light. “It can be tremendously helpful if it gets us that one tip that we are looking for.”

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  • Documentary On First Sikh in Capital Hill
    (APAICS) and the U.S. Capitol Historical Society are hosting a special screening of the documentary: Dalip Singh Saund: His Life, His Legacy on May 8, 2014 at the Motion Picture Association of America in Washington, D.C.

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  • Valley Sikhs Observing Most Sacred Celebration
    Four months after Christmas, Cowichan’s Sikh folks fete one of their most joyously sacred celebrations, Vaisakhi.

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  • Born From My Heart
    Navjot Kaur - author of 'A Lion's Mane' shares her own journey: "Ardaas is powerful. I’m not quite sure what changed in my ardaas but it evolved from expectation to acceptance – acceptance of whatever is meant to be and that was a powerful moment."

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