Sri Singh Sabha Gurdwara Hitchin

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Gatka Classes

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Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara Hitchin Gatka School has been proudly named:

Sat Guru Ke Seva Akhara

Gat-Ka is a Sikh martial art. Gatka is also the name of a stick used for practicing sword fighting. Gatka originated in the Punjab region and was used by the Sikhs against the Mughal hukumat forces. Gatka is rarely used in combat today, and has evolved into a sport and exhibition form shown at Sikh festivals.

Khalsa Panth Sat Guru Ke Seva Akhara
classes are run every Friday at the Gurdwara from 6:30pm to 8pm. Everyone welcome - Females & males - Young or Old! Children will need to accompanied by Adult/Guardian.


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50 Wilbury Way
SG4 0TP,
UK - 01462-432993

Charity No: 1107100


Experienced Granthi Ragi Singhs Required

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