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Gurdwara Etiquette

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The following Gurdwara etiquette should be observed at the Gurdwara.

Before entering the hall:

  • No drugs, or intoxicants of any nature, or cigarettes are allowed with in the Temple premises.

  • Take off your shoes

  • Wash your hands

  • Cover your head ( scarves are available near the entrance to the Temple Hall)

Upon entering the Diwan hall (where the Guru Granth Sabib is present):

  • Fold both your hands and walk slowly.

  • Bow humbly and touch your forehead to the ground out of respect for the Guru Granth Sahib.

  • As you bow, place your offering respectfully before the Guru, it may be money, a flower, or a word of thanks.

  • Any sincere expression of gratitude is equally acceptable to the Guru.

  • After bowing and offering, sit in the Sangat (the congregation) quietly without disturbing others.

  • Usually men sit on one side and women on the other side.

  • Sit comfortably and peacefully, the cross-legged position is commonly used, but do not point your feet in the direction of the Guru Granth Sahib.

  • Do not talk or chew gum.

The usual sequence of events (a service) in the Gurdwara is:

  • Kirtan: The singing of the Holy Hymns - Gurbani.

  • Katha/GurbaniVichar: The reading of the Holy Hymns followed by explanation or a sermon or talk appropriate for the occasion.

  • Recitation portions of a scripture the Anand Sahib.

The Ardas

You will not be expected to say anything. You will have to join the Ardas (equivalent to Lord's prayer). To join in the Ardas:

  • Stand straight with folded hands and think of the Guru.

  • Sing together Thoo Thakur Tum Peh Ardas

  • After the Ardas, continue standing, and sing, Aageaa bhaee Akal kee, Tabhee Chalaio Panth.

  • The Ardas concludes with the Jaikara. Boley So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal.

  • Then sit quietly. The person sitting behind the Guru Granth Sahib will read the Hukam, the Guru's message or Order to the Sangat (congregation).

  • Upon completion of the Hukam, Karah Parsad is distributed to the Sangat. (This is a sweet pudding made of flour, sugar and clarified butter that is offered as ceremonial food.)


Finally Langar (food from the Guru's kitchen) will be served in a different hall. All are welcome to eat langar.


Experienced Granthi Ragi Singhs Required

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