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School Visit Comments

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Kind words from Schools that have visited us:



12/11/12 - Kingshott School (44 Children)

We have just returned from a thoroughly informative and enjoyable visit, hosted by Gurdeep Singh. We try to come to the Gurdwara at least once a year as, not only does it help the children gain a clearer understanding of Sikhism as a faith, but it also gives the children a clearer understanding of the community that they live in. The food was a big hit and the children thoroughly agree with the concept of no visitor leaving with an empty tummy! Thank you and well done!

22.3.12 Bengeo Primary School

Thank you and all the People from the Gurdwara for such a welcoming and informative visit.

12.3.12 1st Shefford Cubs

A very educated visit, will help the pack with their appreciation of religions other their own. We appreciate you welcoming us into your place of worship.

29.2.12 Farlands Primary School

Thank you so much for allowing us to come and visit your lovely Gurdwara. The children (and adults) have really enjoyed the visit and its been fantastic for them to see in practice what they have learnt in class. We have been made to feel very welcome and look forward to coming again

6.2.12 Westbrook Hay School

A super visit as usual, thank you for showing us around for the lovely food. See you next year


7.11.11 Kingshott School

A relaxing and useful visit, enjoyed by the children and teachers alike. Just right in terms of reinforcing class work and allowing the children to pick out new details of their own. Very useful also in terms of helping the children better understand their local community.


03/06/09 1st Ashwell Beaver Colony

Thank you very much for hosting the visit of the 1st Ashwell Beaver colony to the temple last night. The Beavers really enjoyed the trip and learned about a new faith which will contribute to their Promise challenge badge.


31/03/09 and 02/04/09 St Andrews C of E Primary  (220 Children)

"The whole school came over two days, Thank you for your welcome, the information and refreshments. We all learnt many interesting facts."

Sheena Stalker and Ellie-May Adams

10/03/09 Skyswood Primary - Year 4 class, (30 Children)


"the Children were in awe of the Gurdwara - they enjoyed learning about the  Sikh Religion. Sikhism is a fantastic religion, full of positive practices we can all learn and benefit from."

Tracey Lockwood

23/03/09 Westbrook hay Prep ( 45 Children)

"Thank you for a super morning, they especially enjoyed visiting the Langar and eating Bread! We look forward to coming back next year"

Mrs Mitchell

05/03/09 Almond Hill School ( 65 children)

"An absolutely wonderful visit, very interesting and welcoming. The children enjoyed it immensely."

04/03/09 Lakeside School (12 Children)

"Thank you so much fro a fantastic visit, we really appreciated your hospitality and kindness. You made us feel very welcome and explained everything in a simple way yjay our children with special needs could understand."

Rosie Hollands

04/03/09 Duncombe School (45 Children)

"This was a wonderful visit, thank you so much fro making us so welcome. The children really enjoyed the visit, we will definitely come again."

Andrea Brady

3/3/09 Kings Way Junior School, Watford (~45 children)

"Children enjoyed  being able to handle artefacts.  Children engaged for most of the time and asked lots of questions.  Good resources and leaflets clear.  Presentation was clear and easy to understand"

Cynthy Davis (RE Co-ordinator)


23/02/09 Highover JMI (45 Children)

"Thank you for this lovely introduction to the Sikh Religion, there was a wonderful feeling of community" Bemadette Holmes

12/02/09 Preston Primary  (60 children)

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your hospitality has been great. The children will remember this visit and your kindness and generosity"

11/02/09 19th Hitchin Cub Pack (45 Children)

"thank you very much for your hospitality for our Cub Pack. They have learned so much and help their World faith and global challenge."

Kate Kineer


28/01/09 St Marys Junior (46 children)

"Thank you fro an extremely warm welcome to our year 4, it enabled them to put our classroom teaching into a real life context. Everone has really enjoyed our visit and we shall be talking about it back at school for quite a while."


27.01.09 Anstey First  (35 children)

"You have welcomed us so warmly today, thank you so much. It has been really enjoyable visit and the children have learnt so much. It has brought to life what we try and teach in class."



11/12/08 Lordship Farm JMI  (55 Children)

"Thank you for coming to the school, the children all enjoyed ‘India Day' and especially tying the Turban."


04/12/08 Parkside School Borehamwood

"Her talk was visual and interesting for the children as they were able to look at all of the items that we otherwise would only have been able to look at in books." - Nicola Redmond (Year 3)

25/11/08 Priory School Hitchin

"Thank you so much foe allowing our year 7 students to come and visit your Gurdwara, we brought 180 students over two days and all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We felt extremely welcome and were astounded at your openness and hospitality. I feel you have really enriched the students knowledge os the cultural diversity of Hitchin."


18/11/08 Abbey Primary (30 children)

"thank you so much for such an interesting talk, the children really enjoyed the drums and we learnt so much. Thank you for giving up your time to come to talk to us""


06/11/08 St Christopher (15 children)

"thank you very much for accommodating such a young group, they enjoyed the instruments very much and loved the food"

Anne Holland


22/10/08 Peartree Spring (85 Children)

"our Children have really benefited from the visit, we are truly grateful"

Mrs Crowe


21/10/08 Ponsbourn St Mary's School (45 children)

"Thank you so much for letting the school visit you today, we have enjoyed everything! We enjoyed the talk, the food and the music. The children have been fully engaged in the whole experience and all their questions answered."


23/04/08 Icknield Walk First School

"What a wonderful experience for us all, the talk was informative and brought our topic of study alive."

Susan Camp


18/03/08 Mary Exton School

"Children enjoyed demonstrations and holding objects, a very warm welcome and hospitality" - Miss H.Pyle


11/03/08, - Western Primary

"Lovely to be able to talk to members of the Sikh Community after learning about Sikhism, it has given the children a much greater understanding and they had lots of questions." - Katharine Tiffin


10/03/08 St. Pauls Walden JM1

"Very friendly and the children have learnt a great deal" - Tanya Cassidy


06/03/08 17th Hitchin Cubs

"very informative visit, the children learnt a great deal and we would recommend it to others to visit."


29/2/08 Duncombe School -year 4

‘we should like to thank you so much for welcoming us so warmly to the Gurdwara, it has been a wonderful way to enrich our studies on Sikhism and we have enjoyed such kind hospitality'

31/1/08 Clore Shalom School

‘The children have learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the visit. We would be happy to offer a reciprocal visit for any information on Judaism'


31/1/08 Highover School

‘Very informative! Thank you so much, the children have really enjoyed it and have got so much out of this Visit'

30/1/08 Helenshay Swallow Dell School

‘the children (and adults) have learnt so much. We have tried to teach our children about kindness and generosity of the Sikh faith and they can see that active here in Hitchin'

29/1/08 Graveley School

‘Very grateful to you all for your very warm welcome, and the time and care you have taken to make the experience so wonderful for the children'


20/11/07 Bengeo Primary School

"this was our second visit to the new Gurdwara, it was wonderful to see the thriving community in action. The children always learn more from their visit than from a month of lessons" - Mrs Davis

8/11/07 St Ippolyts Primary School

"A lovely, peaceful visit. We were made to feel very welcome. The food was delicious..."- Mrs Mace

01/11/07 Mr Conerford Kingshott School

"Extremely useful way to reinforce teaching about world religions" -


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